The Erasure Issue
Final Year University Project
Central Saint Martins

The Erasure Issue is a proposed design intervention with the intention of urging corporate professionals behind brands within the creative industry to consider their relationship with queer representation in branding and advertising.
  The intervention takes the form of an informative package; disguised as a corporate gift that uses the voices of trans and non-binary participants to provide insight into what can be done to provide more adequate and authentic representation. The package consists of an informative newspaper style publication and a bespoke gift for the recipient.
  Designed to ‘manifest the capacities’ of relations between brands and the queer community; the information emphasised within the package is intended to stress the importance of representation and show how it directly correlates with and impacts the issues of erasure and marginalisation within the queer community.

If interested in reading or observing the design; The Erasure Issues publication is available online Here:

The Erasure Issue

For more in depth information on the project, feel free to contact me for a PDF that walks through the aspects of the project and it’s design.