CSM Pale Ale proposal 
Hammerton Live brief 
Central Saint Martins

The brief:
To redesign CSM Pale Ale for their 2020 annual rebrand.
The beer is uniquely brewed for Central Saint Martins
by Hammerton and is exclusively available at the colleges
Platform bar.
  The university was looking for something that captured the
spirit of the college and/or was directly relatable to students
and staff.

About design
The inspiration behind this design came from speaking to students
about the student experience. From insight, Many students felt that
unlike many universities across the UK, students that study at CSM
often have an all work no play mentality.
  A well known fact: Taking a break can be an incredibly helpful for
productivity. This design directly addresses the students and staff of the
college and through a lighthearted and playful design, encourages creatives
to take a break from their work whenever creative block or burnout strikes.
The design was developed through user participation, taking marks and
squiggles from students at the university and implementing them into
the design.